Deconstructing me

I am attempting, with this post, to enter this weeks weekly writing challenge. Being an absolute blog beginner, and technophobe, I don’t actually know if I have tagged it correctly let alone set up a link! Fingers crossed right…

It almost feels too uncomfortable, and perhaps arrogantly self searching, to write a blog that deconstructs your persona in a way that is reflective of the various attributes you have gained from the many threads of your life, and those of your parents and grandparents. As my blog is usually regarding art and culture I feel the need to pull some artistic spin on this – and who better to draw inspiration from than Picasso? Plus. it gives me a more comfortable starting point!

Pablo Picasso, The Weeping Woman, 1937

Picasso’s cubism (it wasn’t purely Picasso’s, I am just referring to Picasso’s) was intended to deconstruct artwork in a specific manner; it would give the viewer multiple view points of the subject but all on one plane, almost like a 2D 3D image gone wrong! Unfortunately, when it comes to personality one can’t always view all aspects on a person instantly; or, like with Picasso’s paintings, you can’t figure out and separate the various planes. With mine, I shall attempt to discuss my personality in different contexts regarding colour as you see above with The Weeping Woman, not being able to think of another way of separating it.

For instance; red. Anger? I definitely have that. My father, lets say, has a slight temper. Not necessarily a temper that can be defused either – It’s more of a raw anger that emerges randomly upon hearing certain buzzwords. “Money” is the main buzzword; discussing the designer handbags you lust after in front of my dad isΒ not a grand idea. However, my temper takes more of a reactive format; gained, one would suspect, from becoming used to reacting to my Father’s. I am well aware that this may not be considered respectful; hence, I now try and retain my anger as much as possible! I must admit this is not one of finer traits, and if I do have children it is not one I want to pass on! Although, saying that, I wouldn’t disown it either; it is part of me now after all!

I do think that if you are viewing my personality from multiple perspectives you could easily overlay another colour here, one that would alter the red in places, and turn it to a more subdued orange. This colour I received from my Mother. My mother is beautifully yellow; kind, generous, creative, and very laid back. She rarely gets angry. Hardly ever. Even when she does it is usually an upset angry that stems from witnessing something upsetting; things on television for example. I like to think that my inherited yellow diffuses parts of my red, creating a lovely colour combination that works very well together; balancing each other out, and blending nicely. I love to be generous, and hate to upset. If anger does take over in an argument I always try and come back afterwards with an apology; you can’t turn back time and completely yellow the situation but you can often turn it slightly more orange!

Before I end. I should say that I absolutely adore my Father; I don’t wish to give a different picture here. I cannot completely explain the origins of his anger, due to the fact I don’t really know the paternal side of my family very well at all. I would say that they are proudly working class, with links to the Sheffield steel industry going back some time. Does this explain it? Perhaps.

In any case, I am immensely happy with my inherited colour spectrum. Perhaps my working class threads have spun that distinctive element of pride into my personality; pride in your family, your background, and your future. I hope very much I marry someone who is my complete opposite, as my parents did; perhaps then my children will be even more colourful!


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