Day 2: The Lunch Box

Weekly Writing Challenge: Day Two


Lunch – at long last!

I find a spare bench – its my usual spot

Not too far, yet out of view from the shop

My lunch box comes out,

and soon my sandwich is done

As I dispose of remains the cleaning lady stops

Emptying the bin she spies my lunch box

looking my way she flashes a grin

“Quiet today” she nods in relief,

“much better that way.”

“That’s Tuesdays tho’ ain’t it?” I smile in reply

“A bit of calm, very nice”

“See you later!” She leaves, trolley in tow

Unnoticed, it seems, by anyone else

It is funny, I think, as I sit here alone

How invisible we are

once Meadowhall opens its doors

Ah well.

Times up for now – my box goes away

That’s that then, back to the shop for today!

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