Happy Endings? My Addiction.

Daily Prompt: The End!

My last cigarette! I have had this pack four months!

My last cigarette! I have had this pack four months!

What is my addiction?

You may ask, & think prey tell

Well it is one of poison

Dare I say, they belong in hell,

But this never bothered me;

I have smoked them for years

Quite happily too

I am afraid I must say!

Yes I knew their danger

Who does not in this day?

But after eight years

Of enjoying their lure

I had found a new love

& he was not one to share!

Running, you see,

Takes so much more

Than my poor lungs could give

Whilst nicotine remained.

And so, four months ago,

After a run one starry night,

I had to end my addiction

Say good bye to my vice

& I haven’t looked back

Surprisingly enough,

Though I know I will remember it

With a small place in my heart

Almost like a lost love,

Whom you have had to leave behind.

But in the end

You were happier apart

& that’s what counts, right?

22 responses to “Happy Endings? My Addiction.

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  4. Congratulations on the quit! I quit 7 months ago after a very long (25+ year) love affair with the demon addiction. I quit after being diagnosed with breast cancer and being told that reconstruction surgery would NOT take place unless I quit. Within a matter of 7 days, I was and still am, a non-smoker!
    I’m so happy it didn’t take a life-scare for you to quit and congratulations again! 😀

    • Wow the congrats is definitely yours but thank you! Me too. I always said I thought you could only stop if you really want to, and when that happens it will be relatively easy. And it was actually. I miss it sometimes but in a detached way.
      Well done though that shows so much strength!

      • Yes! I’m surprised at my ‘strength’ (it’s more like fear). My husband is still a chain-smoker, but he smokes in the garage and no longer in the house. Only on a RARE occasion do I yearn for a ‘drag’, but the yearning passes quickly. Yay to us! 😀

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