A political poem: Ramifications.

The news today

Primarily concerned

A man who is wise

Some may well  say


A more popular term

To describe him might be

One that rhymes with prat,

If you see what I mean?

Yes it’s Michael Gove

A politician?

In the news?

Fancy that!

He seems dead set

On saving children

From the perils of liberal school days

And instead he insists

That we need discipline back!

Though not everyone agrees

With these ambitious reforms

And old fashioned ideals.

I mean who would have thought

In this day age –

That kids should do lines!

For their many wrong acts

They should actually pay?

How crazy is that?

If he has his way

More changes will pass

Such as longer school days

And Saturdays too

If the kids a real brat.

Picking up rubbish & scrubbing school walls –

It’s all good to me!

But then I am biased you see.

I finished school

A few years ago

Quite a while back,

In actual fact.

So Gove had better hope

That in eight years time

These kids of today,

Have learnt a key thing

From these many reforms;


Or else the Tories are in trouble,

I would regretfully say.

I am getting quite into this poetry malarky so thought I would try a self imposed subject. It might well be weird – but I thought I’d give it a go anyway!

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