I have already tried this challenge once, and for some reason, I realised after the fact, the first attempt I published  just doesn’t feel like it was done right. For me anyway. I don’t want to delete it because its out there now and I don’t like the idea of removing it so I just thought I would post another one. I don’t think that’s disallowed! Maybe you could tell me which version speaks to you guys more, So here goes…

I wander through the building

Feeling, sensing, touching,

I think how rough the wall feels

As my fingers brush the surface

And how cold the floor is,

My bare feet upon the stone.

I come here nightly

To sit upon the wall;

Absorb the building’s stories

And watch the dawn come up.

The bareness grounds me –

Brings me down to earth

The sense of calm it gives me

Cannot be found elsewhere.

The emptiness attracts me;

Pulls me to its aura

I walk here slowly every night.

By day I work, I play; I’m normal.

By moonlight?

I transform,

Wandering – gaze-less through the night.

I know the pillars and the arches

I trace them in my dreams.

And when I wake in the morning

I consider what might have been,

If I could really find this building

Stay there and never leave.

Just hibernate

In the building of my dreams.

8 responses to “Emptiness

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