Coming home: The North South Divide

And so the train moves

Scenery rushing by

Bradford Upon Avon

And Bath Spa Station

Going quickly past my eyes.

Oh what beauty I can see,

On this sunlit day

Coming in from the other side.

If I could reach out and touch it

I would.

I’d reach straight through the glass

Dip my hand in the stream

Next to where the cows lay

Their heads lolled on the fresh grass.

What fun I could have

Brushing my fingers along the rooftops

Of these beautiful Bath stone houses

All set neatly in rows

Like a Lowry it seems

But with light and no shade

Clean stone and not grime

And soot free I dare say.

As my journey North continues

And we cross over the divide

I arrive back home to Sheffield

Which has the beauty of the Peaks,

I grant you,

And yet if you should ever go there,

To the city that is,

One cannot fail to notice

How it is still tainted by so much of Lowry’s grime.
wpid-IMG_20140401_190505.jpg wpid-IMG_20140401_162744.jpg

Images from my journey

Images from the journey

Images from the journey





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