This Is Africa

Taken by me; 2011

Taken by me; 2011

This is Africa

A Continent with endless wonder

And timeless grace


It has beauty

Oh awesome, and splendid beauty

Magnificence in spades


I love Africa

It never ceases to amaze

Excite, inspire me


I am breathless

When I kneel before you

Face to face


I see much;

Rhino, Zebra, Buffalo and Lion

Even Hippo wade


But I worry

Does our presence spoil you?

My heart aches.


With our cameras

We take your life blood

Steal your splendour


This is Africa

Crowded, poor; Westerners hover gawking

Capturing your shame.


Do we pleasure?

Find glee seeing you suffer?

Your beauty drained?


I wish not

But I fear it so

My hopeless Africa


My love will

Forever remain, our hearts entwined

I won’t capitulate

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