The Great Migration


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One million people, all are driftwood;

Floating miles away from home.

Lebanon, bless her, gladly welcomes

Though herself, she’s only small.


Such pain, I just cannot imagine

Blind faith keeps you moving on.

Trudging along; you, and your family

Nothing else, but sand and sun


Who bears the brunt of war but women?

Stoic, they manage alone.

While children of the revolution,

We pray, make these tents their home.


And now? The camps are overflowing

But still, more must surely come.

No food and no clean water – just tents

Cry me out, when will it end?


My words are infused with presumption

I cannot know; only tell.

Now I implore; don’t stop believin’

Keep your hope – your time must come.


This was following Day 9’s prompt for NaPoWriMo; write a poem with the first five songs on a Ipod/phone playlist. My five are in bold.

  1. Travis – Driftwood
  2. Blind faith – Chase & Status
  3. Children of the Revolution – T. Rex
  4. Cry me Out – Pixie Lott (That was a hard one!)
  5. Don’t stop believin’ – Journey

It was hard; but fun!

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