I believe fate is tangible

you can brush it, feel it, see it sparkle

I believe it is like a cobweb

you can touch it, know it, but it is delicate


I believe that its span is wide

like the web, it can connect many and reach much

I believe in its pattern

every section has its purpose; its use; its affect.

I believe you should not be able to change it

How can you pull one thread alone –

without destroying the whole?

You cannot.

Only its creator, the spider itself, has such an ability.

If I were to believe that I am the master of my fate

Then I must gain that ability; I must become the spider

If I believe that I can have this power

then I must know my fate, and own it.

I believe is therefore redundant.

I must know my fate, and own it.

I must know my fate is tangible

I must know that I can brush its beauty with my fingertips.

I must know that I am the weaver

I may not always recognise my own pattern it its entirety

I know though that I am its ultimate master

I can alter its design by pulling single threads

I accept that mistakes are thus inevitable

I accept then the responsibility of a creator.

I reject ignorance and bliss.

I want knowledge. Power.

I want to weave my own fate.


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