In Bruges; Introducing Anna.

Anna sat still; her silent grey eyes staring into space, seemingly unaware of the many people milling around her. She was awkwardly hunched over, perhaps cold in her thin marl-grey hooded jacket, which she had left unzipped. Her average-brown hair hung in messy, yet unassuming, waves down her face, stopping at just the wrong sort of length – too long to be short and too short to be long. It wasn’t a pretty length.

She had delicate features – a thin nose. Delicate, though not interesting, and not terribly appealing. Her petite frame was folded into the chair upon which she rested; legs were crossed and body leant forward in an uncomfortable manner.  Her black trainers were visible under the table – cheap copies of converse sneakers.

A pint of beer sat nonchalantly in front of her, forgotten; full and untouched. A well-worn black leather menu was its only company, and it was unopened and ignored. Her solitude was emphasised in the frenzied open-front cafe that she had chosen, made worse by the central location of the popular square within which it was situated.

Her dullness stood in stark contrast with the vibrant liveliness of the bodies surrounding her; their spirit encroaching on her physical space, without managing to actually reach her. She remained alone. Those silent-grey eyes still fixed on a reality that only she could see, only she could know.


A street picture I took whilst in Bruges, I used it for inspiration here.

A street picture I took whilst in Bruges, I used it for inspiration here.


This was created partly due to my taking part in the National Blog Posting Month, where in which I shall post something every day. To that end, I decided to attempt something new and try a character sketch.

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