One Sunny Afternoon in Brussels

A couple of months ago I found myself in Brussels, as I was on the way to Bruges, for one afternoon. It was a gloriously bright day and I spent the hours squinting my through the streets – admiring the main square and trying to use the short time I had to capture images that reflected its feel.

It’s a lively bustling place with a mix of old and new architecture in surprisingly close proximity – and it’s a joy to walk around. Especially in nice weather! I didn’t have time (or the money) for a carriage ride, but they looked like a lot of fun, and if I went again I would definitely take one. The sunrise pictures were taken on the coach, on the way to Brussels from Paris.

I should say, (or remind you), that I’m new to ‘proper’ photography – and I need more practice as a beginner at anything does – so they may not be to a particularly high standard, but I enjoyed myself and I hope that shows! I used my compact system camera the Sony A6000 with the normal kit lens, and all photos are taken by myself.











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