My Campaign: Help a Girl Succeed!

I am doing a bit of an unusual thing and trying to raise enough money to pay for my MA in creative writing, so that I can go this September. Postgraduate Student Loans aren’t starting until next year – a big hurdle for me as I thought they would be starting this year. I have already begun the University application process now and would very much like to continue it for a start this year, so am taking a cheeky gamble and trying to raise enough money to go. 

It’s a bit of a cheeky thing to do, but the more I heard about it the more I thought – why not? Many people do it for a variety of reasons – holidays and expensive dates to name a few. I work full time, I’ve contributed with taxes for nine years, I donate to four charities, I have done plenty of volunteering for various charities; I have contributed. I want to do much more as well! I just need help right now. Everyone needs help sometimes – the key is not being afraid to ask for it!

This is my campaign story – please read and share!

Me in my Fawcett Society T-shirt (‎)

Me in my Fawcett Society T-shirt (‎)

My Name is Helen

I am from South Yorkshire, England, and I am 25 years old. Growing up, I went to the worst school for results in Sheffield and yet continued to get into the University of Nottingham to do Art History. I got a first class degree.

Now I want to go back – I want to do an MA in Creative Writing. I love reading and I love books, I always have. When I was eight I thought the library in town was the most wonderful thing in the world. My Grandma would take me every weekend and I would sit amongst the books for hours – reading some there and taking the rest out. I would borrow at least ten books every time. I would take one to school with me everyday and read it in the dinner queue – much to the teachers’ amusement. I had a reading age of 14+ by the age of eight or nine.

Books have certainly been a substantial part of my life for as long as I remember; I must have read thousands, and own hundreds. The transition into writing felt natural for me; being a passionate reader I am familiar with being immersed in literary worlds, only now it is not simply those created by other authors, it is those I have created myself also.

I need your help to make these worlds a reality. Sure, I can write for free. But I need to the professional guidance and structure that comes with a Creative Writing Masters – and the help it gives you getting published. Many of the Costa Prize 2014 nominees were in fact recent graduates of Creative Writing MAs. I hope to join their ranks!

In addition, I want to get published so that I can give back to my community by showing children in schools such as the one that I attended that there is hope – you can achieve your dreams.

Thus, I need a little bit of help from you guys to achieve my own. You will change my life forever – and I promise I will not disappoint you. I will work hard, I will achieve my dreams, and I will give back to the community. I just need that inch so that I can run a mile.

So, I need £5,000

The money I ask of you will pay for the tuition costs of my MA in order that I may gain the experience I need to have my work published and become an established writer. I am applying to Oxford University, City University, Kingston University, UEA, Bath Spa, and Lancaster.

Examples of my writing can be seen on my blog, if you wish to have a look. This specific link is for the first two chapters of my novel. I began writing this for National Novel Writing Month in November of last year, wherein you have the 30 days of the month to write 50,000 words of a novel. I decided to partake on this on the tenth of the month and still completed the challenge on time. The novel is now at 70,000 words and growing; it is nearly finished in fact. I am a feminist also, and much of my writing has strong female characters, and would definitely pass the Bechdel test!

This is not just about me

This is about making education equally accessible to all. It may be my MA, but in giving to my cause you are making a contribution to society. Postgraduate education should be within reach of all who are capable in the country – not just those who can afford it. This contribution will make an impact upon the inequality that is inherent in the current system.

My personal story proves that I have a successful track record when given the opportunity to succeed. I attended the University of Nottingham and did an Art History BA; throughout the first two years of this I worked full time. I still achieved a first class honours degree. I can do that again – I can achieve similar results. I just need the opportunity. (If anyone would like to see a copy of my Undergraduate transcripts then please ask and I can provide them.)

Basically I never give up, and I never give in. I will achieve my goals. I know I will. I just require the help you can provide. Once this help is given all the rest I can do myself – I am determined and tenacious. I will use this chance and I will succeed.

You may be thinking – well have I got a place?

No not yet. I am in the process of applying. But as you can see from the examples I have given I am very determined, and passionate about writing. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will be accepted onto one of these programs.

There is the possibility that I may not raise enough to pay for the tuition in full. The other options if this happens are bank loans, and paying the first term upfront before working full time to pay the second half at the start of the second term.
As a last resort, for either of these potential problems, I will save the money and use it next year. It will go to the furthering of my education whatever happens. I don’t waste opportunities, and I don’t break promises.

If you can’t contribute? You can!

Even if you can’t give any money to my cause you can help by sharing this, getting the word out, and making noise about my campaign!
Or use the Indiegogo sharing tools – get the word out!

To check out my campaign and share it, tweet it, or contribute whatever you can, please follow the below link.

Thank you. You’re making dreams come true.

My Campaign on Indeigogo

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