Another Political Poem: Mrs Miller

Mrs Maria Miller (

Well Mrs Maria Miller

How I feel for you

Doesn’t politics just get sillier?

Your plight being so fair and true.


It’s mad you should pay penance,

If one would pause to think,

Why can MPs not claim expenses

On their Mother’s kitchen sink?


You are your parent’s carer

A point some fail to see!

After all, Joe Blogg’s disabled father

Does not deserve such costly fees!


What’s more, you clearly said ‘I’m sorry’

Was 30 seconds not enough?

Jesus, Mary, Joseph! Such Folly!

How dare they call you corrupt!


One could wish for more transparency

And politeness may’ve been nice

But being female makes up for arrogance

And forgives you any vice.


As for the threats from Mr Oliver,

Tory communications secretary,

I am so sure they prove to any paper

How right is the Leveson enquiry!

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