Saints of War

Before any historic war

Man cheers for blood

After, victims skin, and more,

Become relics much beloved

Before, cold men fixed down their gaze

As others took abuse of the dead

After, some lived to reign as saints

Tragedies lauded, but no crimes alleged.

Before war opened, many men emerged

Stepping up; to be all courageous

After, families that had sat and waited

Buried their men; their final service.

This poem was written, as today’s NaPoWriMo prompt suggested, entirely from an article in today’s paper. I thought the subject of the article contrasted with all the words of war and death it contained.

“Double first as Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II become saints” was the original article but this is a link to a close-version from the i’s sister paper the Independent. I could not find a link to the original for love nor money!

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