Day 4: The Fast day

Weekly Writing Challenge Day 4

My appetising lunch!

My appetising lunch!

Here goes then guys,

Today’s the last day!

My final lunch post,

And to top it all off

It’s a fasting day!

I am sat here

On a nice comfy chair

Black coffee to hand,

I treated myself to Starbucks

As there’s no food allowed.

I am on a diet you see;

On two days a week

You have nothing to eat,

Which means NO food

Nope. Hardly anything at all.

I am sat facing Marks and Spencer,

Right next to the door,

Its a nice sight really

Seeing the elderly come to and fro!

But anyway,

Though I am having so much fun,

I really must go,

I’m afraid I’m out of time,

So good bye for now!


I should say that I have never written poetry before this week, and I am so glad that I gave this weeks challenge a go; I really have loved it! So much so, in fact, I might have to make this a weekly post… my once a week lunch time poem post!! It really has been an inspiring challenge!

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